Poster Abstracts


Poster submissions are encouraged on topics related to Cardiac Marker Dialogues.
Following feedback from the 2022 meeting there will be

  • a dedicated poster networking session on Thursday 26 September from 1915-2000 hrs
  • moderated poster session on Friday 27 September from 1000-1050 hrs

At least ONE listed author must be registered for the meeting to represent the poster work.

Submission instructions to Authors:

Please submit a text based abstract of your poster which will be reviewed by committee ahead of the final poster selection being announced.
Do not, at this time, submit your final poster.

  1. The abstracts submitted should not have been published after presentation at another meeting.
  2. Abstracts previously presented at other meetings will be acceptable for pending committee review and if suitably modified or updated.
  3. To submit please complete the on line form below.
  4. Text size should be in 10 point only and justified to the left and right.
  5. The typeface used should be Times or similar. Black text only.  Abstracts should include in the following order:
  6. ABSTRACT TITLE – in Sentence case and NO MORE than 250 characters including spaces.
  7. AUTHOR(S) – with brief affiliations and NO MORE than six lines. (Surname followed by initials, each author name separated by a comma)
  8. REPRESENTATIVE AUTHOR (who will attend the meeting)  – indicate this in the authors listing with an * besides your name.
  9. If authors have different affiliations they can be indicated by superscript numbers or letters. Please ensure that a full list of authors and affiliations are included.
  10. ABSTRACT TEXT – The length of an abstract body should not exceed more than 2500 characters including spaces.
  11. For Greek or other special characters, use the “Symbols” font.
  12. The abstract should include a couple of background sentences, the aims of the study, brief methodology, data and results and main conclusion(s). One table or diagram may be included in the text. Acknowledgements may be included at the end.
  13. Avoid abbreviations; if used, they must be defined.
  14. Abstracts which do not conform to the guidelines will not be accepted.

2m (top to bottom) x 1m (left to right) – PORTRAIT – (100cm wide x 200cm deep)
Your poster should be printed to A0 size (841mm x 1189 mm)

Abstract Poster Size Guide

Please ensure:

  1. Your poster is printed to portrait and NOT landscape size.
  2. That your poster is printed to A0 size (841mm wide x 1189 mm deep).
  3. That you DO NOT print your poster onto material as this will not stick with velcro to the poster board and the use of pins is not allowed on the boards provided. We suggest you print your poster onto matte or satin finish paper with a paper weight of between 190 and 230 gramme.

Velcro only can be used to attach your poster to the poster board.
Velcro will be provided and will be stuck to your board ready for your use on arrival.
If your poster is of the material kind please bring 2-3 extra large bull dog clips with you to affix the poster to the board as the velcro may not adhere to the poster material in all cases.


You may erect your poster on Thursday morning from 08:30 hrs.
Posters must be ready for viewing from 12:00 hrs.
Please refer to the allocated board number as detailed within the programme book which will be handed to all attendees from the registration desk.

Your poster must be removed by 17:00 hours on Friday
Any posters remaining after this time will not be returned to the authors but destroyed.

Abstract Submission

First Named Author(Required)
(Max 250 characters)
(max 2500 characters)
Please name your saved file as follows: CMD2024 (insert first named author surname).doc
Max. file size: 2 MB.
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