CMD Meeting 2024 Cardiac Biomarkers

Programme topics for 2024


Thursday 26 September | 11:30-20:00 hrs

Friday 27 September | 08:30-15:00 hrs

Session 1:
Single sample rule out

How is it working in emergency care?
Rick Body (Manchester, UK)

What does it mean to the cardiologist
Nick Mills (Edinburgh, UK)

What does it mean to the laboratory
Paul Collinson (London, UK)

Session 2:
0-1, 0-2, 0-3 Rapid diagnostic protocols in the real world

ESC – The Liverpool Experience
Aleem Khand (Liverpool, UK)

Cass Li (Edinburgh, UK)

Experience in the third world
Allan Jaffe (Rochester, USA)

Risk scores or robots
Raphael Twerenbold (Hamburg, Germany)

Session 3:
And the answer is POC?

Does it do what it says on the tin – overview of system performance
Kristin Aakre (Bergen, Norway)

POC hs-cTnI – Clinical Evidence for Safe Early Rule Out
Fred Apple (Minneapolis, USA)

POC for the ED doc
Speaker tbc

Session 4:
Chronic disease management – natriuretic peptides

Big hearts – the case for sex specific reference ranges for natriuretic peptides
Rob Christenson (Baltimore, USA)

Machine learning in acute heart failure
Ken Lee (Edinburgh, UK)

Session 5:
Chronic disease management – troponin

Troponin for chronic disease – role of fragments
Saara Wittfooth (Turku, Finland)

Troponin standardisation – necessity or mirage
Rob Christenson (Baltimore, USA)

Session 6: 
Cardiac biomarkers days of future passed

Personalised medicine and cardiac biomarkers – Voices from yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Fred Apple (USA)

The cardiac biomarker future?
Panel discussion

Plus breakouts, lots of panel discussion, moderated poster session and networking

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